Carlson Gracie Boca Raton

What Is Kickboxing?

Have you ever been so mad you wanted to punch something? Like a pillow or couch cushion? This impromptu may feel satisfying at the moment, but there is an even better way to use physical activity to keep stress levels away… Kickboxing! Kickboxing is a form of martial art that is derived from karate.

The name may imply kicking as a priority, this martial art uses both hands and feet. Kicks and punches are both used in this sport, unlike other martial arts that use elbows and knees.



Carlson Gracie Boca Raton

Kickboxing Is Just For Guys… Right? WRONG

The number of women who increase their confidence and self-esteem in kickboxing is large. By practicing this exercise you will improve your overall fitness and are likely to feel much better about yourself. Learning something new is always rewarding and as the exercises progress you will learn to master your movements and better manage your emotions.

Kickboxing also helps women a vital skill, self-defense. While getting in shape and learning to manage stress is a great benefit, the skill of self-defense is pivotal.